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A Checklist To Help Your Business Website Succeed

It is no secret that any business without a website today loses a lot of credibility with potential new clients and the business loses out on the opportunity to attract more clients. These are just two of many other disadvantages of not having a website as a business, but what happens when there is a website, but it repels Clients more than it recruits them?

As a business owner with no computer technical skills, how do you ensure that your website meets the basic standards to help you effectively compete with your competitors? We have decided to help with a list of the few must-haves for your business website. Tell us if you like this article and we will make a follow-up with more things to lookout for. With that said, here we go:


You’ve probably already heard this before, and that is why it comes first on our list. Its 2018, I cannot stress the importance of Mobile in the age where psychologists are doing studies on how humans are addicted to them. So if you want to make Search Engines like Google happy, as well as your customers, have a website that responds to the device a User chooses to visit your website with.

Do not compromise on this matter, even if it means building a mobile or AMP website for mobile Users. Here is a test for you, browse your business website through your own mobile phone and grade the personal experience. If it is not good enough for you, is it good enough for your clients?

HTTPS or Secure Connection

 A year or two ago, getting an SSL certificate was not as critical for a website as it is today. Before I go any further, let me explain HTTPS for those who do not know. If you see a padlock in the address bar of your web browser, that means you’re visiting a secure website, which means that the data you’re sending to or receiving from that site is encrypted. With that out of the way, let us continue.

For e-commerce websites, or any other website that requires Users to login – this is MANDATORY! For the rest, Google is making sure to deter Users visiting website by showing them the dreaded “Red Screen of Danger!”. On top of this, all Search Engines rank websites without SSL certificates very low on their results pages. The last reason I will state for now, which is the most important, is that you will be securing the data of your customers and showing them that you take it very seriously – in the day of so many data breaches!

Sitewide & Goal Tracking

Without knowing your current website metrics, how can you set realistic goals for the future? Quite simply, you can’t. You need to know how well (or not) your website is doing and how Users are using your website.

Sitewide tracking gives you the ability to see what pages Users visit, for how long, where they are coming from and so forth. Information that can be used to improve your Users experience or even your business focus. You have the opportunity to learn more about your clients, take full advantage.

Subscription Lists

What options do you provide potential clients in the awareness and information gathering stage of your buying cycle? When these potential customers leave your website, how do they find you again?

An incredibly effective answer to the questions and more can be answered by using a mailing list. The main goal is to keep the conversation going, while proving your expertise in the industry to your clients. This is where a mailing list provides the greatest value. If you do not already have one, create one for your website after you finish reading this article.

Blogging/Content Marketing

Blogging, if done for the purpose of content marketing, is a powerful lead-generating method for your business website. The key here is to find content that is relevant to the products you sell and the audience you serve. Pair content creation with search engine optimisation and you will take your first steps towards online.

Start by thinking about topics around your products and write some articles to help your clients out, when they are not buying anything from you. Offer advice, hacks and any other content that works to further simplify and ease the lives of your clients. Some of the content that is already on your website can also be repurposed into blog posts.

XML/HTML Sitemap

A sitemap strongly benefits your websites Search Engine Optimisation efforts by providing a quicker and more frequent process of indexing by search engines. Providing a sitemap for your website is also the most reliable ways to ensure that all pages on your website will be indexed. 

To briefly explain what a sitemap is, essentially, it is a file that contains a list of all web pages that are on your website in hierarchical order as stated by webmaster (that being You). If you are not comfortable making one for yourself, you can mail us and we will gladly help you out.


Put simply, a favicon is a small graphic version of your logo used to identify your website and mostly found on browser tabs, address bars or mobile device home screens. This helps provide quick identification of and branding for your website/business.

Making your website stand out and your brand memorable is an important priority for any business, including yours. When a lot of tabs are open on a browser, as is the case for many Users, your favicon might be the only thing identifying your website. On mobile devices, in browsers as well – more free brand awareness opportunities. This is a little step that goes a long way.

Social Sharing

I do not need to tell you anything more about the power of Social Media, you probably saw this article on one of the popular ones. With that said, make it easy for your audience to share content on whichever platform they prefer. Organic conversation are the best. With that said, tell us if you a second part to this article and share to help an Entrepreneur on your timeline.

Contact us if you want to take the next in revealing your business to the world.

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