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Digital Skills Training Package

Our Digital Skills Training package is designed to provide your organisation with personnel to train your employees to have the basic skills to manage online campaigns and reputation. It costs a lot to have a Marketing firm on retainer to do services that could easily be done by the existing staff within the organisation. Another advantage of taking some of the responsibilities in-house is that it will provide the organisation with new skills and more power to implement critical decisions without the middle man.

An organisation that wants to become an industry leader must have a team that is capable of envisioning and building that future. Our mission is to provide your organisation with the basic skills required to be completely digital literate so as to increase the ability to adapt to the future of the online world.

Here is a list of services included in the Digital Skills Training package:

  • Basic Computer Hardware and System Troubleshooting
  • Computing and Application Fundamentals
  • Building An Online Presence
  • Introduction To Search Engine Marketing
  • Introduction To Mobile
  • Introduction To Social Media Management
  • Basic Content Management Software Training
  • Basic Digital Marketing Training.


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