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Never Allow Your Ads To Spend Money That Your Website Cannot Generate

Using Paid Search, we can identify people who are looking for your products or services and immediately connect them with your business.

How Paid Search Helps You

Small Budgets

Paid Search is extremely effective for the business with a small advertising budget. This is because it is more targeted resulting in higher returns.

Test Messages

The days of committing to 'one version' with print brochures are long gone. Test content and combinations of words and messages.

Data Insight

When funds are tight and every lead counts, using data instead of your opinion to make decisions is a lifesaver - especially for your business.

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Benefits of Using Paid Search

Immediate Traffic To Your Website

The most important advantage of our Paid Search services is that we can guarantee your company's appearance at the top of Search Engine Results Pages. Not only that, our Google And Bing certified experts will analyse your business needs and have your ads on the first page in LESS THAN 24 HOURS GUARANTEED. Your business can track ad spend and know exactly where each cent has gone with our monthly reports that we provide to you. Reveal your business to the world with us today.

Geo-Targeting and Ad-Scheduling

Geo-targeting allows you to select only specified locations to display your ads. These locations could be the vicinity you operate in or an entirely different country - its up to you. Ad-scheduling amplifies this by enabling the ability to specify days and times of the day to run ads. This means that if you have a special at lunch or you are having a product showcase, you can target your ads to people who will be around the area at that time. It does not get any better than this.

Our Certifications

Google Adwords Certified

Our Paid Search Specialists are all certified by Google and are also regular contributors to the Google Partners Google Plus community. This means that they are highly skilled and capable to conceptualise and implement successful campaigns for you.

Facebook Ads Certified

Our Paid Search Specialists are all certified by Facebook for Business or Ad Reporting, App Engagement, App Installs, Brand Best Practises, Brand Measurement Solutions and Business Manager.

Bing Ads Certified

Our Paid Search Specialists are certified by Bing ads which means they have the proficiency to execute successful campaigns for you. Their certification also means that they we will deliver maximised ad reporting with member benefits.

Twitter Flight School Certified

Our Paid Search Specialists are Twitter Flight School certified meaning that they have in-depth knowledge of effective marketing on Twitter. With the rapid growth of this network, we can help you harness its hidden potential.