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Unify Your Brand With Graphic Design

Graphic design is the most important part of any product and good design can only happen when it is a priority to your organisation. Something as simple as a horrible user interface could lead to a bad user experience and a loss of users.

Brains World offers a service that looks deep into your organisations intentions for the brand, so as to determine the most suitable design solution for it. We provide graphic design solutions that are innovative enough to be useful and simple enough for a child to use.

We specialise in identifying design flaws in both branding and product, as well as providing insight into current web design trends that relate to your organisation.

Our 6 Step Graphic Design Process

Design Brief

We gather all the necessary information regarding the service required and determine the goals to be achieved upon its conclusion.

Feedback & Review

We provide you with these concepts and you have the chance to choose or suggest an alternative solution that suits you best.

Project Research

We gather all the necessary insight relative to the project so as to come up with the most informed solution to the problem.


We take the provided feedback and use it to produce the final design, which will then be presented to you for approval.

Concepts & Drafts

We then proceed to create 3 variations/concepts for you to choose from. These concepts encapsulate great, informative design.

Added Services

Once approved, we suggest the next steps for you to consider like a professional PR strategy to announce the design to your audience

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