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Online Branding for Small Businesses in 2017-2020

Branding assists a business with building a reputation that buyers rely on. really think about it, Which brand of smartphones do you like best? Which brand of sneakers? Dishwashers?

Are your favourite brands the most cost effective or is the choice made because you believe that it is brand – despite not being skilled enough to actually prove that? This is all because of branding and with the boom of Web2.0 – the era of social networking, its time to take your branding more seriously as a small business.

The problem of small business will always be a lack of budget to compete with larger organisation, but Web2.0 is helping to decentralise the monopoly that that large organisations have established for themselves. Traditionally large and more established companies like GM, and most recently Toys ‘R Us, are closing down because business and consumers have evolved.

With all that happening, maybe its time for your business to take advantage of this by considering some of these practices that will help your small business create lasting relationships and brand advocates for your small business online.

If there is one thing that the Internet has proved, it’s that a small business can build a BIG NAME – Leloko Kamele (Founder, Brains World)

Here are a few things to consider for your small business that can help make your brand stronger by 2020:

  • What you communicate visually and verbally becomes your brand. In the simplest of terms, be careful of all the media that is associated with your small business that is circulation online. Pick imagery and words that positively reflect your organisations best features and contributions to the customer.
  • Your designs, symbols, name and messages that identify and distinguish your company’s products and services from others on the web. This includes how the website is designed, social media headers, original blog posts related to services or products on offer and so forth. This ensures that users (potential customers) recognise your company whether its a small text ad or a banner ad or even in conversations where products and services of your company’s nature are being discussed.

A strong brand is not only simpler to refer to, it is also easier to recommend. You can vouch for it. – Leloko Kamele (Founder, Brains World)

  • Online Reputation Management is a real thing, and bad PR online can translate to a direct decrease in sales for your company. This means that as a small business, you will have to always be on call to manage what you can. Good branding can help make this task a lot more easier always positioning and enhancing the users perception of your company.
  • Good branding complemented by a good product/service only translates to rapid growth for your small business. Branding brings everything together, and can significantly affect the trajectory of your small business.
  • START YOUR BRANDING EARLY! This is the easiest way to ensure that you build up a list of consumers become brand advocates later in the life of your small business, and also set the message clear from the beginning. Do not leave it for a later stage in the life of your business.

Branding is not a one-size fits all exercise that can be ripped from business to business so having the right approach for your small business is crucial to sustainability and growth. Above we have provided the basics required but there are plenty of strategies available for your business specifically.

Do not be afraid to explore and deconstruct the tips, tricks and formulas that provide the ingredients necessary to make your own brand stand out from the competition.

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