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Our purpose is to showcase more African businesses and personalities to global audiences on the Web through quality applications.

Brains World is a digital agency founded to aid the marketing efforts of Small, Medium & Micro-sized Enterprises in South Africa. After working in digital agencies that handle big accounts and clients, found that a lot of SMME’s lack the funding to procure such quality services.

Most SMMEs settle for average digital marketing services because that is what they can afford. This is sad considering that the internet has proven to be a change agent – taking power from large monopolies and redistributing some of it to the smaller players. Couple that with the need that every business has for quality advertising, as that is how they grow their customer base. Every business, big or small deserves quality digital marketing services, especially in the age of the digital consumer.

Enter Brains World, here to bridge the gap by offering quality services from the experience racked up from years working with brands that include KPMG Africa, KPMG SA, Procter & Gamble, Sage Pastel Accounting, The Dating Lab, and Philips to name but a few. Experience with such big brands means there is a lot of insights available, that will benefit the small business looking to grow. Brains World believes that SMMEs can save the economy of South Africa, thus we shall participate in the growth of the industry from an advertising point of view.