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Which SEO Package Is Best for You?

Having a website is not that great if Users cannot find it on Search Engines like Google. More so, creating content that Users cannot find through searches on Google, Bing etc is a lost opportunity to grow an audience and a brands “thought leadership” reputation. This is where SEO services come in.

Search Engine Optimisation services ensure that your website appears on the first page of search engine results pages for your primary keywords/terms/topics. Here is a guide on how to pick the best package for your website and digital marketing campaigns in 2019.

SEO Campaign Setup

The best place to start is always at the beginning. What is the foundation of your SEO plans and activities based on? Is there a strategy available? Are you adhering to the minimum SEO best practice guidelines?

The SEO campaign setup package is tailored to aid with making sure that your website is ready before launching a campaign. These are also the basic services provided before moving onto higher level activities such as Technical SEO – it is the foundation of all Search Engine Optimisation activities.

Local SEO Optimisation

Do you want more locals to walk into your physical store? Is dominating local search results for your service/product a priority? Would you like to increase your brand awareness in your local community/vicinity of operations?

The Local SEO Optimisation package provides all the SEO best practice as well as our effective customer acquisition strategies that put your clients at the heart of all your marketing activities. If you want to dominate your local search rankings and have more people walk into your physical store – this is definitely the package for you.

Technical SEO Optimisation

When was the last time you performed a thorough crawl on your website? Are you correctly redirecting all broken and dead links to the most relevant ones available? Does your website have an XML & HTML?

A Technical SEO package contains all the services required to conduct a thorough analysis of your website, through the eyes of a search engine results page. The services also improve the navigation & SEO architecture, while fixing all errors detected. This is where you also start creating custom 404 error pages to improve your Users’ Experience.

On-Page SEO Optimisation

Is your website appearing on Google’s results page for your product/service? Are your articles appearing for the topics you are discussing? Do your pages & images have titles and descriptions?

The On-Page SEO optimisation package is aimed at improving your websites rankings on search engines by applying SEO best practice and clever strategies to the content on the website. This content include titles, image file size, image alt text, page descriptions, JS file render speeds, sitemaps and many other things. This is a must have if you ever want your website to appear on the first page of search engine results pages.

Basic Content Marketing

Are you only communicating with your audience when you need to sell them something? How engaging is your 24 hour virtual store?

The Basic Content Marketing Package employs the most effective lead generation and audience analytics strategies to create content that adds value to both your organisation and your community of clients. We help you build relationships that go beyond the sale with great content that is contextually relevant to your product/service.

SEO Monthly Reporting

How will you identify any progress if you are not tracking or measuring it? How do you measure the success of your activities without the data/analytics?

The SEO Monthly Reporting package provides your business with monthly reports that include important KPIs as well as user behaviour on the website. A list of reporting KPIs includes Keyword Rankings, Google Analytics, eCommerce Activity, Search Engine Rankings as well as a Monthly Action Plan.

Are you looking for an agency to improve your websites rankings? Here is a full list of SEO services that we offer.

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